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Leading the revolution towards truly affordable filmless healthcare systems, RADinfo SYSTEMS’ The Power of One is the smart and effective clinical solution for transforming your digital imaging workflow. RADinfo SYSTEMS offers a HIPAA-compliant, secure, Web-enabled and integrated PACS/RIS solution with revolutionary enhancements from the PowerPACS/RIS suite of products.

Customized and Integrated Digital Image Solutions
What You Need, When You Need It
Follows IHE Profile to Approach RIS/PACS Integration
Privacy and Security Protection of Digital Medical Data
Cost/Performance Ratio

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Customized and Integrated Digital Image Solutions
Hospitals increasingly are relying on digital Picture Archiving & Communications Systems (PACS) to address their medical imaging needs. Most PACS solutions provide a standard level of functionality without regard to the differences in how large and small medical facilities operate. Fortunately, RADinfo SYSTEMS recognizes that each healthcare facility has a unique set of requirements based on its size and its volume of work. That’s why we offer PowerPACS/RIS, a modular suite of PACS components with built-in RIS functionality that we customize to meet your specific needs.
What You Need, When You Need It
Before delivering a PACS solution, RADinfo SYSTEMS works directly with individual customers, evaluating workflow and the volume of studies to determine the precise level of functionality required. Then we select the PowerPACS/RIS components that fit your precise workflow requirements. Because of our modular approach, we give you no less and no more than you need at any given time with the flexibility to grow as your circumstances change.
Follow IHE Profile to Approach RIS/PACS Integration
RADinfo SYSTEMS goes beyond the traditional concepts of HIS, RIS and PACS. We strictly adhere to industry standard protocols such as DICOM and HL7. We deliver the most advanced integrated healthcare system outlined by the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) initiative.
Privacy and Security Protection of the Digital Medical Data
RADinfo SYSTEMS’ software is fully compliant with all the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requirements for sending and receiving electronic data transactions, providing our customers with complete privacy and security protection in the conduct of e-health transactions. RADinfo SYSTEMS implements DICOM level encryption and electronic signature verification in addition to SHTTP and SSL protocols to provide added security protection for the stored electronic healthcare data.
Cost/Performance Ratio
PowerPACS/RIS offers a high-performance, affordable solution for improving medical imaging workflow. RADinfo SYSTEMS’ modular, scalable approach delivers what you require—no more, no less—at your own pace, at a cost within your means.

Software Suite

PowerPACS Management
Archive Server
A DICOM image management system for archiving, routing and retrieving medical images and related patient data.

Telerad Server
Emergency and rapid DICOM image transmission to remote destinations is a necessity. Let PowerPACS Telerad Server help those who need it most.

Unattended CD/DVD production for PACS off-site archiving and disaster recovery.

PowerPACS Viewing
RSVS Systems
A comprehensive and functionally rich, DICOM-compliant viewer at an affordable price.

Web Server
An easy and affordable web-based solution to securely extend DICOM images and data beyond the facility walls.

PowerPACS Distribution
Provides fleaxability and versatility in plain film printing. Have the ability to print when the demand is needed.

PowerPACS Acquisition
Image Importer
Strengthen your medical practice with the ability to import studies from outside facilities and legacy patient information seamlessly into your PACS

A suite of tools for DICOM image aquisition for plain film and document scanning, video image capturing and patient quality assurance.

PowerPACS Registration
RIS Lite
Simplify your department with PowerRIS Lite. Provide hands-free mobility and empowerment, while spending more time with your patients.

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