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A comprehensive suite of intuitive and functionally rich, DICOM-compliant viewing capabilities at an affordable price.

The key to an efficient digital imaging practice is a fully functional, easy to use viewing station; RADinfo SYSTEMS RSVS Viewer Suite offers a comprehensive set of functionally rich, DICOM-compliant viewing options at an affordable price. The patented RSVS System is simply one of the most powerful viewers in the marketplace.

For basic reviewing needs there is the standard RSVS viewer. The RSVS Diagnostic Viewer offers the more sophisticated user an advanced image processing toolset at the reader’s fingertips. RADinfo SYSTEMS understands that your time is always at a premium; so many of the most common functions are mapped directly to the mouse or accessible by single clicks.

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RSVS Viewer
The RSVS Viewer offers the best possible performance in image viewing operations. It provides physicians with easy access to high-quality grayscale images for wet reads or remote consultations. Users can access studies by clicking any worklist field. Once displayed, a comprehensive toolkit permits physicians to precisely adjust images, ensuring confidence in their assessment and recommendations. A fully-integrated, and easily accessible toolset, including measurements, annotations, key image notations, image calibration, cross-sectional image stacking, cine viewing, and side-by-side viewing for comparing multiple studies.

RSVS Diagnostic Viewing Station

The RSVS Diagnostic Viewing Station provides all of the features that come with the standard RSVS viewer, plus a comprehensive set of advanced features:

Easily works with multiple monitors to expand the viewing field.


Cross Referencing Scout Lines make viewing Multi-Sliced Studies more intuitive.


Automatic alignment allows flexibility when comparing studies.


Rapid 3-D rendering brings a new perspective to the diagnostic arsenal with MPR and MIP.


Configurable Hanging Protocols allow physicians to easily create a digital environment tailored to their own specification.


Window/Level Preset configurations allows ease-of-use for diagnostic reading.


Includes support for Multimedia Data Presentations, allowing the inclusion of video/audio/graphical charts in studies.


Orthopedic Templates from all major manufacturers.


Displays Multi-Frame image movie review.

The PowerPACS Mobile Reading Cart
From the ER to the OR, the PowerPACS Mobile Reading Cart can meet all needs by supplying on-demand and time-critical access to your PACS system. Read More

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